Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Colors, More Fun

Last Thursday, Bridget Weislouel - a new artist friend from Kitty Wallis' workshop - came over and we created handmade pastels from a kit we purchased from Kitty. What a fun day, and it took all day to use up all the materials and add over 5 dozen new hues each to our collection of beautiful pastels.

The same day, my neighbor delivered a bouquet of glorious spring tulips which I chose to display in my study on the same table as the drying pastels. What a sight - glorious tulips and lovely new hues. Too much inspiration to ignore!

I spent several hours last night painting the tulips with the challenge of using every one of the new 60+ colors. Not my usual approach to painting but a neat exercise nevertheless.

I had fun with pastels this week - hope you have fun in the week ahead.