Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preview of New Abstracts

Somehow the images meant to go along with this blog got posted separately and I can't figure out how to move them, so please click on the link to the right to view little "peeks" of my latest abstract paintings. To see the entire images, join me at Amato's Gallery, 12320 SW 1st Street, Beaverton, 97005, on July 16, 6-9, for Amato's next artists' reception. My abstracts will be featured along with work by Linda Baker, Brenda Boylan, Chris Helton, and Joni Mitchell. Wine tasting, gourmet chocolate, berries, and fun are always a part of Amato's receptions.

This is the first time abstract paintings have been shown at Amato's. I enjoyed the challenge of creating strong compositions based on good design and interesting color patterns rather than working from photos or reality. I hope you'll join me and the other artists at the reception and share your thoughts about this new direction I seem to be taking.

The show runs through August 9 and the gallery is open Monday through Friday 9 to 5; Saturday 9 to 4.

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Show at Amato's Gallery

Merci, Mont Ste Michele is one of my eight new abstract paintings that will be featured in the upcoming show at Amato's Gallery in Beaverton. It was painted on a full sheet of Arches 300 lb. paper, and I used ink on watercolor to complete the imagery.

My goal for this piece was to follow the three basic elements of good design that John Salminen taught in his 2009 workshop in Cannon Beach - oblique, irregular and unpredictable. Did I succeed? I'm old enough to know that there will be an infinite number of answers to that question.

The show, Out and About, runs from July 16 through August 9, with an Artists' Reception on July 16, 6 to 9 p.m. Other featured artists are Linda Baker, Brenda Boylan, Chris Helton, and Joni Mitchell. Receptions at Amato's are always special - great local artwork along with wine tasting, berries, and mouth-watering chocolates!

Hope to see you there! Donna

Helvetia Lavender Paint Out

Last Tuesday, I followed the loyal band of PPASP artists out to Helvetia Lavender Farm, north of Highway 16. Check out PPASP's Behind the Scenes blog for more information on the day.
I used Kitty Wallis' wonderful sanded pastel paper and pastels made from one of her kits. I did a quick design study on paper and then underpainted the major areas of the design onto the Wallis paper with watered-down acrylics. I used large motions at first to block everything in, medium strokes to build the imagery and ended with tiny mark-making dots.
The lavender is about two weeks behind at this farm, but there was still an abundance of color. I actually chose to focus on the small eucalyptus tree amidst the rows of lavender, and as I almost always do, exaggerate the color I saw. To make the tree more prominent against the greens and violets of the fields, I chose warmer colors for the tree.
It was a wonderful afternoon - after a wonderful breakfast in the morning at O'Connor's - all in all, it made for a great day. Hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine.