Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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  1. I'm playing with the tools of blogging and hopefully will add two images today to share with my followers. The first image, "Movement in Lines and Circles" was done with gouache on canvas. My inspiration was originally the Painted Hills near John Day Park in central Oregon. As happens with most of the abstract work I have done lately, the painting itself seemed to suggest ways to proceed when I was stumped on what to do next. In the case of this painting, I got quite caught up in the fun of the caligraphy and detail work that I was not always returning my focus to the overall image after each addition or change was made. Kitty Wallis, whose opinion I highly respect, noted that the painting had "different vocabularies" going on, and they weren't all relating to one another. I liked the way she stated her criticism; it was poetic in a way - so I went home and took a wad of Magic Eraser to parts of the painting, chose the vocabulary I felt was working the best and and began to translate the piece into one cohesive language. The result is "Love Happens," kind of a corny title for now but it feels like the bursting of joy that occurs when love happens! Hopefully, I'll be able to upload my image of the revised work. Love the opaque materials when corrections and changes need to be made! I had a good day - hope you did too.