Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Visit to Florence...Florence, OR

I mentioned to neighbors that Tom and I were going to Florence last weekend and would be meeting up with old friends. Our neighbors were filled with envy and immediate thoughts of the incredible Renaissance city across the Atlantic. But alas our destination was much closer to home and didn't require going through security scanners.

Florence, Oregon, is located where the Siuslaw River meets the ocean and is a charming little town with a wonderful art deco style bridge, a great coffee shop and a series of very good, reasonably priced restaurants. Our friends are from Bend and camped in their motor home "down by the river," while we roughed it in a motel along the beach. No crowds, some sun, and plenty of downtime made for a great getaway. I did a little sketching - just enough to make me want to return with paints and brushes in hand. So much great scenery and inspiration.

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