Monday, August 29, 2011

It Was A Paperwork Day

Picked up my painting this morning from the Albina Bank Show in The Pearl. They will hang a new show tomorrow for an opening event on 1st Thursday. It was a good show with a nice turnout. Thank you Albina Bank and Portland Plein Air & Studio Painters!

Spent the afternoon on paperwork from the August sales, especially the sales from Saturday's Silent Auction. My partner, Bert Cohen, has been on vacation and just got home today. She handles the financial side of the business and writes the checks to the artists. Since we are so close to the end of the month and had so many individual sales this month, I thought I better get the tallies well organized for her to do her thing.

My daughter Emily and hubby Sage will arrive early Saturday morning for a long weekend visit. Always a favorite thing to do - spending time with the two of them and our son Chris who lives here in Portland. Em always makes plans for us since she is the ultimate organizer; it sounds like we will have a round of golf (par 3) at Edgefield after picking them up at the airport. She has a surprise dinner planned Sunday for somewhere in the city to celebrate our (Tom and Me) 40th wedding anniversary which took place on August 21 this year. No matter where we end it, it will be special.

No painting this week except to sign and finish the edges of two paintings I did at the Sandgren paint out. I must work on a goal to paint at least 2 times a week! Nag me!

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