Friday, September 2, 2011

Staffing Today

Very busy day working at the gallery. Painted one of the front window seats and surrounding trim to freshen it up and will work on the other one next week. That's as close as I got to painting artwork. I did use an acrylic art brush to make nice neat edges and the latex paint is basically acrylic so I guess I can say I completed "Study in Black #1"!

The day started with the sale of a framed black and white photo from our featured show. The couple who purchased it live in Portland and selected it for their daughter's twenty first birthday. They wanted something memorable and connected with the photo's image of a single calla lily. It's such a good feeling to help someone make the perfect connection for a loved one.

Our third sale of the day was to a designer who fell in love with one of our artist's paintings back in November and the memory of the image stayed with her. About a month ago, she purchased the piece on layaway and then made her final payment on it today; She left the gallery with a smile and a beautiful new piece of artwork for her home.

On Wednesday evening, we sold another painting to someone who planned to give it to a very close friend for her 50th birthday. The image showed three partial figures from the feet to mid-torso, waiting to enter a striped crosswalk and casting large shadows behind them. The buyer said she, her husband, and her friend were a close trio, and the painting reminded her of how they are always there for each other as they face new challenges and overcome sad times. 

How lucky I am to work in an art gallery.

I had a great day - hope you did as well.

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  1. It is so cool that you have a job connecting people with art the way you do. This is lovely to read about.