Monday, August 2, 2010

Outdoor Shows

It's been a very long time since I did an outdoor show, but the price was right for the one last Saturday to celebrate the opening of the new Beaverton History Museum on Broadway, and also for a second event which takes place this Thursday evening, August 5, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Murrayhill Market Place (near Sandoval's Restaurant, Segal's Children's Store, and Malone's Grill). Neither the Museum nor the Sexton Mountain Neighborhood Associations charged for booth rentals. Both groups wanted to promote community awareness and showcase small businesses.

I quickly remembered why I haven't done one of these recently. The preparation - the gathering of the set-up equipment, the loading of the car, the unloading of the car, the chilly mornings and hot afternoons, the wind, the $20 bills for a $3-4 item, the second loading and unloading of the car. It's a lot of work. But people are so nice and their interest in my artwork is sincere.

I borrowed a pop-up tent from a neighbor and covered folding tables with colorful cloths that drape down over the sides and hide all the storage boxes and packaging materials. I picked up my print rack and prints from Amato's Gallery, set up my metal grids to display my paintings, placed baskets of printed and handmade cards on the table, and put out my inventory of one-of-a-kind artsy bookmarks - a little something for everyone's pocketbook!

Saturday, my big sale was a matted original watercolor of a rose. I had done the painting as a demonstration during one of my classes and the woman who purchased it was quite pleased. It seems her adorable two-year old daughter is named Rose, and the painting will eventually go into Rose's bedroom as part of a upcoming remodel. I forgot all about the set up and the take down, and felt a sense of happiness that my painting would play a small role in the life of one child - one little Rose.

I still haven't unpacked many of the items I displayed Saturday, so preparation for Thursday's show will be easier. I have a painting of a hollyhock and might include it in my exhibit at Murrayhill. Maybe someone named Holly will stop by my booth and be in the middle of a remodel!


  1. great post, Donna. I am doing my first ever outdoor event this week. I am already exhausted from preparation! haha! I have a couple roses in my show too--so maybe I will get a rose relative too...or not. lol.

  2. Donna,

    I admire your energy! I know outdoor shows are a lot of work. (That's why I don't do them!) I loved the humor of Holly buying your floral:))

  3. Hi Celeste - hope to see you tonight in Hillsboro. Good luck with your ods this week. Will you be at Multnomah Art Center's event on Friday? If so, I'll see you there as well. D

  4. Just checking in to see how things are going. I sent a note to my friend who's works with Holly W. There was a possibility she would stop by out at Murry Hill. Tomorrow is the last day of the Paul Jackson workshop I signed up for at the last minute. I'm not liking the cement floors in this location. Makes my feet hurt. Breakfast meeting on Tuesday should be interesting.

  5. Donna, I love reading about the process and all the little thing that go into setting up shows. And the stories of who gets the pieces...So sweet. Also, I have not had a chance to go to Amatos yet due to a new job that has temporarily swallowed me up, but I hope to get out there within the next two weeks as things settle down. Have a lovely Sunday!!