Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amato's Reinvents Itself

It's been an exciting time for me since I last posted something on this blog. Amato's Gallery in Beaverton has undergone a major restructuring and I've been right in the middle of everything.

First of all, the gallery moved to the Historic District of town and we now have a Broadway address, 12570 SW Broadway Street. Never thought I'd be on Broadway, but anything can happen if you believe.

The dynamics of the business structure changed as well, and I am now one of four "partners," who took the big step and put our names on the lease. Joni Mitchell, Bert Cohen, and I have joined ranks with floral designer, Karen Amato, to run the collaborative business, Amato's Floral and Fine Art
Gallery. Eight other creative souls followed us from the previous location to keep our family of artists complete.

The lease was signed on August 23 and the transformation began immediately. The previous tenant must have raided Ikea's storage supply and confiscated gallons of their signature blue and yellow paint. It was everywhere - inside, outside, you name it. Check out our blog to see photos of the hired hands (better known as family members) at work.

The signage went up today and we stood across the street to see how it looked from a distance. I have to say it was a proud moment to realize what had been accomplished in just six weeks. We will celebrate this Saturday evening with a re-opening celebration. The work is done and it's time to party!
If you read this in time, call some friends or family members and make arrangements to join our check out the art and lights on Broadway! Reception hours are 6 to 9 p.m.
Despite some moments today when I felt like pulling out my hair - and I just had it highlighted in the morning - it was a good day; maybe even a great day. Hope you can say the same!

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