Friday, October 29, 2010

My Holiday Auction Tree

Halloween is in two days and I'm working on a tree sculpture for the Christmas season. No wonder life seems to be racing by!

My tree of soft whispy white branches draped with watercolor ornaments and chains will be just one of many holiday trees to be exhibited in December at Amato's Gallery. Each of Amato's artists was challenged to create a tree sculpture reflecting individual style and medium.

My main struggle was choosing a form that would display my watecolor ornaments. After several unsuccessful starts, I finally settled on a white ceramic vase filled with sand and pretty manufactured glass stones. I can't claim creating the vase, sand, stones, or fake tree branches, but all the ornaments are designed and handcrafted by me. I used old less-than-successful paintings as my main material, cut them into strips, wove the strips together, added little watercolor collage elements here and there, strung strips together to make colorful paper chains, and then placed all my unique ornaments carefully on the very delicate branches.

The trees will be featured at Amato's Gallery starting on December 4, with an afternoon reception from 1-4. Each tree will be accompanied by a bidding sheet with a starting bid recommended by the artist. Bidding will begin during the reception and continue until noon on Saturday, December 18. The highest bidders for each of the trees will then be notified and will have their own one-of-a-kind holiday tree to enjoy this Christmas and for years to come.

I can't wait to see what all the artists design!


  1. Very Festive! Those aren't real twigs?

  2. I tried real twigs; I tried rebar with twigs; I tried several other items from the garage - none worked. So I gave in and headed to Michaels where I purchased a container, and artificial twigs. They are light weight and very delicate, and sprayed with a dusty white solution. I chose a white ceramic vase as the container and used white sand and smooth glass pebbles to keep the twigs from shifting. The ornaments (garland, icicles, and woven designs) are all created from "recycled" paintings, and I added bans of watercolor strips to the vase to connect the container to the overall design. The other artists have some great ideas that are inventive and fun, and we're hoping this special exhibit will draw a lot of interest from the community.